Our Fees

Our Professional Fees

Preparation of Advice

Our fees for the preparation of advice are based on a Fee for Service basis.

The following information provides a guide to the fees applicable to the services we provide. Charges are based on the time we typically spend in providing these services and as such, may vary subject to your particular circumstances. In each case, we will discuss the likely fees and charges with you before proceeding. All fees and charges detailed below are inclusive of GST.

Statement of Advice (Insurance)
Common inclusions: Usually for specific insurance
recommendation including Life, TPD, Income Protection, and
Trauma. May also include superannuation.
Statement of Advice (Investment / Single Advice Area)
Common inclusions: superannuation, rollovers, risk advice,
investment only. Recommendations are usually for one
specific area only.
Statement of Advice (Complex eg. Gearing, Retirement, SMSF)
Common inclusions: RBL calculations, multiple entities, nonresident
issues, private companies, family trusts, SMSF,
modelling of financial strategies & investments, gearing,
centrelink, retirement income streams, insurance and estate
planning. Often two or more strategies are analysed and
compared in detail.
Centrelink Applications
Common inclusions: Completion of all relevant application
forms to ensure correct assessment by Centrelink.
Special request (Ad hoc Advice)
This will be discussed at the time of requesting this service.
From $330 per hour

Ongoing Strategy & Investment Review Service

Our fees for an ongoing strategy and investment review service are based on a percentage of funds under advice and are outlined below:

Investment Portfolios 0.4% - 1.1% of Funds Under Advice
With a minimum fee of $1,200
Insurance Product Up to 33% of the Annual Premium
This cost is generally met by the
ongoing income paid by the product
Clients Who Opted Out of Review Service Agreement 0.88% of Fund Under Advice

Account Settlement

Inital Professional Advice

Our fees are payable at the time we provide with the Statement of Advice. We will issue you with an invoice for the agreed amount and it would be appreciated if payment is made at the same time.

Ongoing Advice Review Service

Where possible and for convenience, the fee for our Review Service Agreement is deducted from your investments by the product provider. Where a product provider is not used, or the amount received from the product provider is below the agreed fee, the amount will be billed via invoice and payable within 14 days.

Ad Hoc Advice

If applicable, additional fees for advice related services are payable at the time we provide you with the Statement of Advice. We will issue you with an invoice for the amount due.

Payment Methods

The following payment methods are available:

  • Commissions/Entry Fees
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit Card
  • Cheque
  • Money Order

Please note: GH Financial Advisers has a strict 'No Cash' policy. All payments should be made out to "Maven Financial Planning Pty Ltd".